Duckystreet Tattoos review. . Tattoos your kid will love!!

My oldest son has always been a fan of his daddy’s tattoos but hes been upset with us since we wont let him get any (he doesn’t understand yet that tattoos hurt and only adults could get them) . I was on instagram one day and found this amazing company called DuckyStreet . They have the cutest tattoos for your little ones!!! I knew I HAD to order some for my boys and I did .

They have so many different tattoos to choose from ! Dinosaurs , flowers , skeletons , foxes , etc . Plus they are all soo cute and at such great price . You can order 3 sheets for only $3.00 or less!! And they offer free worldwide shipping .

The tattoos are skin safe and non-toxic which is a huge plus since my little guys have sensitive skin like mommy . Once we received our order my son rushed me to put them on asap . He also wanted little brother to put some on so we did !!



Make sure you visit to see all the amazing tattoos and also follow them on Instagram!! @duckystreet

Cozitot carrier review

I am IN LOVE with our new Cozitot carrier !! I’ve always wanted to babywear but sadly I didn’t get to with my oldest son but now I have the chance to do it with little Noah .


This carrier is just amazing!!! So easy to put on (I was able to do it all alone) and my little guy is so comfortable in it . He’s loving being so close to mommy . Plus the carrier has the cutest pattern .

What I love about this carrier is that you can wear your baby in front or your back which is a huge help for my pains from my chronic illness . One size fits ALL which is great!! You can use with babies from 8-35 lbs .


My 4 year old was a little jealous cause he wanted mommy to wear him too but sadly he weights too much .
Now I can do laundry , clean , cook and more while wearing my little one .


CarsonGreyCo Clothing

This shop is one of my favorites to order clothing for my boys . Everything this wonderful momma makes is adorable and very affordable . You can find the cutest shorts and leggings at her shop .

The quality of the products is amazing!! My 9 month old has very chunky legs so its hard to find him pants that fit him but the ones we order from this amazing shop always fit perfect and my little guy is able to move and crawl without any problems 🙂

Make sure you check out this amazing shop!!! I promise , You wont regret it 😉

Instagram: @carsongreyco

Pictures of my son wearing Carsongreyco leggings and beanie 🙂

First blog post

Hi Everyone! My name is Karen . I am starting this blog to write reviews about different products I love to use at home . Mostly kid friendly products since I have two boys (4 years old and 9 months old) . I had a blog before but had to close it down do to some health issues . I hope you all enjoy my blog and my reviews!!! There will be giveaways also so be on the lookout 🙂PicsArt_03-25-01.32.42